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Jiangsu Gongtang Chemical Equipments Co., Ltd. is a professional glass lined equipment manufacturer designated by China Chemical Industrial Equipment Association. We offer premium 50-80000L glass lined reactor, 50-120000L glass lined storage tank, plate heat exchanger, glass lined multi-tube heat exchanger, and glass lined vessel accessories, such as glass lined agitator, discharge valve, etc. Custom glass lined equipment is also available. In addition, we undertake glass lined equipment processing and reglassing businesses.


Incepted in 1989, Gongtang now has a staff of 200 people, among which there are 35 professional technicians. We own a 33350 cuopwu production base for mid-end glass lined equipment and a 26680 cuopwu production base for high-end glass lined equipment. Our annual sales exceed 200 million yuan and we are one of the few enterprises that can manufacture 60000L glass lined reactor in China.



Currently, we have passed the certification of ISO 9001:2008 and been approved to produce glass lined equipment as well as pressure vessels of category I and II. In the beginning of 2014, we were certified by ASME and approved to manufacture pressure vessels of category III.


As a new high-tech enterprise, Gongtang do research and make development of independent innovation of the latest glass lining manufacturing technology. We adopt the same testing methods and production processes as well-known foreign companies to guarantee the quality of our glass lined vessels. After several times of investigation and study overseas, we decide to use original imported enamel as raw material, which ensures the best glassing effect.

Our glass lined products have been exported to the United States, Russia, Japan, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, as well as other countries and regions. We sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to visit our company. We will satisfy you with quality products and considerate services.  



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No.1, Weiliu Road, Yupo Road (N), Chengbei Industrial Park, Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China




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