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uDear friends:


After many years of development in and abroad, Jiangsu Gongtang Chemaical Equipments Co,Ltd. has established a cooperative relationship in tecbnologies with foreign brands from which we have introduced in many most advanced equipments and enamel. Experienced experts and quality- managing engineers from our partners join together to give overall guidance and training on equipment manufacture, project desigm, equipment maintenance, production flow, inspection means etc. To ensure the most advanced technology, highest quality and most perfect services of the product for our customers.


Jiangsu Gongtang Cbemical Equipments Co,Ltd. insists on scientific management, and sets "Customer is our orientation"as our quality management concept, which makes our quality policy and goal be caried out and improved continuously and effectively.


To start from customers’interests and to create value for customers are the fundamental power of the sustainable development of our company. We believe that the outstanding performance, reasonable price and perfect service of our products will undoubtedly bring you reliable quality and magnificent econonic benefit.


To promote GONGTANG to be an international brand and to energise the development of Chinese glass -lining industry will always be the original intention for which we establish our company. We will maintain our good faith and prudent working style, and dedicate our energy to exploring more advanced technology and making better glass-lined products.


Strength creates value, passion brings futurel!


Taking the way of competitive products,Cultivating the spirit of the craftsman. We are sure that the sincere cooperation between us will bring us a win-win outcome.


Thank you for your continuous concerm!

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