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Day in and day out, with proven reliability, Jiangsu gongtang designs and manufactures the technologies necessary to create the chemicals the world needs.

The glass lined reactor is such a pressure vessel that is made by spraying powdered glass which contains high concentrations of silica onto the internal surface of a steel container. After repeated high-temperature calcinations, at around 900℃, the glass firmly adheres to the metal surface.
Gongtang storage tank is made of glass-lined steel, a multi-functional construction material that combines glass for chemical stability on the inside surface and steel for structural strength on the outside. Thanks to the nature of glass-lined steel, our storage vessels.
Specially designed and manufactured to withstand highly reactive and corrosive industrial environments, the glass lined column is widely applied in distillation, extraction, absorption, and other process operations.
We offer two types of glass lined heat exchanger, glass lined plate heat exchanger and glass lined multi-tube heat exchanger. These heat transfer devices are applied in the industrial incinerator, flue gas desulfurization system, and other industrial equipment.
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The glass lined reactor we provide has standard size in both metric and imperial measurements. Its diameter, height, thickness, and other parameters can also be specially designed according to customer requirements.
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